THE LEGACY Bird of Prey Protection Foundation is a non-governmental and non-profit organization. Numerous activities Foundation are in the field of protection and conservation of endangered species and their natural habitats and the return of extinct species.
Our mission is to protect and preserve the most endangered group of birds of prey, as an essential part of Serbia’s biological diversity.
Our goal is to increase the chances of survival of endangered species, the return of Griffon Vulture to the areas of eastern Serbia where it once lived, the reintroduction of extinct species of vultures, who were once part of Serbia’s fauna: Bearded Vulture, Black Vulture and Egyptian Vulture.

On the occasion of the “The Vultures Awareness Day of the Balkan”, on the 1st September, 2018. this year, the Foundation for the Protection of Birds of Prey presents you a NEW POSTER!

We thank everyone who helped the satellite monitoring program for Griffon Vultures and celebrating “The Vultures Awareness Day of the Balkan”!

Join us on the 1st of September on Uvac.