Center for the birds of prey

The Center for Birs of Pray is located at the Institute for Biological Research “Siniša Stanković” in Belgrade. It was opened on the 24. of April 2004. and was constructed as a donation of “Energoprojekta Civil Engineering”, primarily through the efforts of Nikola Breko and Slobodan Jovanović Ćobe. Surface area is 16 square meters and consists of two rooms, open and closed. As a limited capacity, it is primarily intended for endangered species of birds of prey.

In the Center every year a large number of birds of prey are arriving, especially during the spring and summer, when many young birds come out from the nests and are brought by citizens. Young individuals go through reception, review and, if they are healthy, ring and when they gain enough – release. The most common types that come to the Center are: Coomon kestrels, owls, buzzards, hawks, and sometimes larger species such as white-tailed eagle, imperial eagle…

All this in addition to enthusiastic members of the Foundation also costs. If you support the work of the Center and support protections of the birds, you can give donations on account of the Foundation for the Protection of Birds of Prey in OTP Bank:

325-9500900016839-20 (with the indication “Donation for the Center”)

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Plakat Centra

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