Dear friends,

All three GPS devices “OrniTrack-50 – GPS-GSM tracker” with solar power, which are planned to be placed on our three griffon vultures, so that in the coming period were able to thoroughly monitor their movements and behavior have arrived.
Testing has been done completely correct. In the next ten days, we will prepare the installation of transmitters on vultures.

– A GPS device has donated by BeoZoo garden, along with Griffon Vulture named Piroćanac, who was hatched in 2016 in a the ZOO. Piroćanac will take this transmitter.

– The second GPS device was financed from the project of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, under the project of the Foundation for the Protection of Birds of Prey: “Management of the Gyps fulvus population using satellite technology”.

– The third GPS device was financed by the Telecommunications Company “TELEKOM SRBIJA” to support environmental protection and corporate social responsibility aspect of this national company.

The plan for the September 1, 2018, is to release all three Griffon Vultures in the Special Reserve of Nature “Uvac”, on the occasion of the “The Vultures Awareness Day of the Balkan”.

On these pages in the future you will be able to see all the news, and also monitoring our hero, wherever they move.

“OrniTrack-50 – GPS-GSM tracker”, testing.