“Piroćanac”, Welcome to Uvac…

08/11/2018. The Rangers of the Special Nature Reserve “Uvac” transported Griffon Vulture called “Piroćanac” at Uvac!

Everything went according to plan, and Piroćanac is located in the Center of the Reserve, with three others Griffon Vultures. It will take some time to adapt to a new environment, as well as to install a satellite transmitter, donated by the BeoZoo garden. 09/01/2018. Piroćanac will be released into his natural environment.

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Transportni kontejner

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Piroćanac was born at the ZOO in 2016. and it was planned to be among the first birds released on the mountain Stara Planina in the settlement program. Unfortunately, we could no longer wait for the continuation of this program on the Stara planina, so we decided to leave himat Uvac, where it is most appropriate for him.