Piroćanac on the Pešter, Zlatar and Marija mts still on the Uvac…

For several days, our Griffon Vulture “Piroćanac” is located on Pešter. He went to Mileševka, crossed the top of Jadovnik (1740 meters), the mountain of Giljev and settle down on Pešter. Since the vultures are social birds and he was never in that area, he probably followed other vultures and is not alone. There are plenty of domestic animals in this area, so we hope that there is enough food.

Piroćanac, 05.10.2018.

“Zlatar” and “Marija mts” generally moving around feeding place Rastoke at Uvac, where they spend the most time. However, last night Zlatar stayed in the “Pavlovića brod”, while “Marija mts” spent the night near the viewpoint “Molitva”.

Zlatar i Marija mts, 05.10.2018.