Griffon vulture with a wing mark “29” who hatched on the Uvac seen on Trešnjica

A Griffon Vulture who has a yellow-blue marker “29” on the right wing, was hatched this year in Kladnica in Uvac. He was marked on the nest on the 03.06.2018. He was recorded on the 16.08.2018. by a video surveillance camera at the Rastoke place at Uvac.
He was, also recorded on the 14.09.2018. on the rock at the SRP “Klisura rijeke Trešnjice” near the feeding place, showing that there is a clear connection between these two colonies. We intend to begin marking vultures on Trešnjica in order to follow the individuals from this colony.

Marking Griffon Vulture number “29” in Kladnica, 3.6.2018.

Video surveillance video at the Rastoke plant on Uvac, 16.08.2018.

The wall opposite the feeding place in Trešnjica, 14.09.2018.