Griffon vulture Piroćanac travels from BeoZoo garden to Uvac …

On Saturday, August 11, 2018. , at 11am, Griffon Vulture, named “Piroćanac” will be transffered to Special Nature Reserve “Uvac”. He will be placed in a cage, at the “Bird Center”, until he accustomed to the environment and then released.

Piroćanac will take one of the satellite transmitters, donated by the BeoZoo garden. Soon, we will be able to monitor live on our website, where he is moving.

Piroćanac was hatched at the ZOO in 2016 and it was planned to be among the first birds released in the Stara Planina mountain in the settlement program. Unfortunately, we could not wait longer for the continuation of that program, so we decided to leave him at Uvac, where it is most appropriate for him.

Piroćanac as a baby

It is the first strictly protected species that were born in the ZOO and which is released in nature in Serbia. Programs for the reproduction of endangered species in captivity and their release into nature are becoming more and more important for endangered species, whose numbers are small or even disappeared in nature.

With this gift and donation, the Belgrade ZOO garden is involved in the process of reintroduction of endangered species and becomes the Centre for reproduction. We hope that there will be more news like this in the future, not just about Griffon Vultures.

Piroćanac, hace a nice trip!